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Bags paper (kraft-bags) and packages — the practical, environmentally friendly, progressive type of packaging which found the application in many branches of industrial and food production, trade, agriculture. In paper bags and packages pack up dry construction mixes, food, seeds, fertilizers, printing products and many other things... Paper bags and packages — production and sale. Already ten years the enterprise Bumpak makes paper bags and packages of different types. Among our regular customers there are producers of dry construction mixes, the trade, food, flour-grinding and agricultural enterprises. Traditions of firm — an individual approach to the client, the minimum terms of implementation of orders, the low prices, excellent quality. We make bags of the following types: 1. Paper bags open; 2. Paper bags closed (valvate); 3. The sewed paper bags; 4. Paper bags with the top white layer; 5. Bags with the multi-color press on a paper top layer. Paper packages Packages from a kraft paper are intended for packing of loose and piece production. For production of paper packages the natural or bleached kraft paper with a density from 60 grams/sq.m to 220 grams/sq.m, and also food parchment of brand A is used. Main types of a design of paper packages: 1. Packages standard with a rectangular bottom in one layer; 2. Flat packages; 3. Packages of a flat bottom and lateral fold; 4. Packages from a kraft paper of additional layers (a plastic observation port). Drawing the color press is made by a flexography method on the equipment production of South Korea amount of colors from one to four.


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