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Paper bags

Paper bag (White kraft) 12 * 8.5 * 36 80 density
In stock
Paper bag (White kraft) 12 * 8.5 * 36 80 density   № p / p product name dimensions density Weight, kg) groups quantity width sidewall height 20000-50000 50000-100000 100000-300000 more than 300,000 1 paper bags (White kraft) 12 8.5 36 80 2 1 14 13 12 ele
Group: Paper bags
Open paper bags
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 1.10 KZT from 10000 pcs
Bags paper opened (white Kraft, 2 brown Kraft) from the N i T LLP company. The prices from the producer, the system of discounts works.  No. of a payment order name of a product sizes density weight (kg) layers quantity width
Group: Paper bags
Bags paper closed
In stock | Wholesale and retail
75 KZT(75 USD)
Wholesale: 72 KZT from 3000 pcs
PAPER BAGS OF THE CLOSED TYPE (VALVATE) The closed paper bags are the bags which are stuck together from above and from below and having one opening with the valve for filling of production. After filling of a bag the valve is closed by the internal pressure of production.This type of bags is...
Group: Paper bags
Paper flat packages
In stock | Wholesale and retail
10 KZT(10 USD)
Wholesale: 8 KZT from 5000 pcs
flat paper bags. Bags kraft paper Kraft (Kraft bags) - an environmentally friendly material brown or white. In order to reduce the cost of production of packages and the cost of advertising campaigns, the company bought not laminated bags and bags of Kraft paper - a natural material that will...
Group: Paper bags
Packages paper
In stock | Wholesale and retail
15 KZT
Wholesale: 14 KZT from 5000 pcs
Packages of a flat bottom and side fold. Paper packages of a flat bottom – excellent packing for bread, bakery both confectionery under baguettes and pastries, they are widely used as packing for fast food, it is the best packing material for printed, haberdashery and gift materials. Paper...
Group: Paper bags
Packages paper with the handle
In stock | Wholesale and retail
50 KZT
Wholesale: 48 KZT from 10000 pcs
Paper packages of twisted handles are stylishly, reliably and eco-friendly. Packages of the twisted handle were widely adopted for packing: clothes, accessories, cosmetics, gifts and souvenirs. Paper package not only favorable packing, but also the excellent decision for placement of your...
Group: Paper bags


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